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Black Sun is a space where the adventurous can gather, whatever their musical preference, to find something new, strange and fantastic; a space where the experimental is not something clique-ish for the afficionado, but precisely the opposite - an opening of possibility.

Black Sun presents: Crank Sturgeon + ID M Theft Able

Sunday November 20th

Venue: Plugd Records

Suggested donation: €7

More information soon.

Ordained minister and usurper of plateau monoculture, Sturgeon has been active in the wandering peripheries of noise and performance art since 1992. Combining the foundations set forth by the Dadaists, Joseph Beuys, and Allan Kaprow, Crank’s simultaneously caustic and celebratory performances trample the lines of quasi-art presentation - whether with just solo voice and spontaneous poetry or armed with an array of busted guitars, contact microphones and the essential scrappy costume in tow.

The current alias of Skot Spear, id m theft able, is an improvising sound artist from Portland, Maine, who primarily uses vocals combined with sounds culled from amplified/unamplified found objects, circuit bent instruments, homebuilt keyboards and modified tape machines. Theftable has an available-ist approach to audio and its creation – making intuitive use of all sound thefts - from media reappropriation, to the rhythms of passing cars, water, or 2009’s obsessive reworking of Theatre Organ tracks. Theftable has been mooted as the “Best noise (??) comedy act ever!” — Guy Montag

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