weirdo/outer limits music and film, Cork

Black Sun is a space where the adventurous can gather, whatever their musical preference, to find something new, strange and fantastic; a space where the experimental is not something clique-ish for the afficionado, but precisely the opposite - an opening of possibility.

Bolide, PCP and Max Le Cain at the Triskel Auditorium -June 2nd 2012

We’re celebrating the bank holiday/summer/being alive with a visit from our favourite freaks, Bolide! And, they’re bringing chums along for the trip! We’ll be taking over the Triskel’s TDC for a night of wild outness, free, joyful, unhinged improvisation and super8 brutality…

Lunar phase on Saturday 2nd June 2012 is Waxing Gibbous. Come join our heroes as they escape from the British Isles’ pack of Jubilee cock-eyed mouthbreathers and welcome them to the southern streets of Cork City, where the paths are paved with Beamish and Lennox’s.

You can expect sets from Bolide (UK), Hexenverfolgung (UK), a super-8 tape/film piece from Maximilian Le Cain and the bauld PCP!! (Phil Collins Project)
Also, you guys remember Daniel Spicer's (The Mystery Lesson/ Bolide /The Wire journo) killer set in Gulpd during last year's Avant festival? The time he sent local rugger buggers scampering to the hills armed only with his heart-bursting free-jazz collection?) well, I think Spiceberg and F. Ampism are gonna join up for some cosmic tag-team DJing, along with your regular Black Sun DJs (myself and the beard)

- - €8 - -


“Gonzo free music and guerrilla jazz from this drug and ale gorged Brighton sextet. A lot of reeds, tapes, percussion, vocal hollerin’ and the likes all captured in mysterious crud-fidelity. Come and enjoy this unseasoned brew.”
Dylan Nyoukis of Chocolate Monk on ‘The Authority of Omar.’

“As a launching pad to tomorrow, free jazz remains one of the most potent, if hermetic, of conceptual formulas due to its foregrounding of the spontaneous, its focus on exploration as opposed to mere tourism. In recent years players from the more traditionally omnivorous disciplines of drone, psychedelia and noise music have combined to broker a rapprochement with the form, mostly focussed on its harnessing of energy as a structural solvent – groups like Michigan’s Graveyards, New York’s Owl Xounds, Brighton’s Bolide.”
David Keenan, The Wire, November 2008.


Max le Cain’s Super-8 piece Dark, Plastic, Reversal
Described as “a terrorist action performed on a piece of celluloid”, Maximilian Le Cain’s Super-8 film/tape DARK, PLASTIC, REVERSAL envelops viewers in thick plastic darkness rythmically shattered by flashes of the scratched, slashed, scribbled-on remnants of what might once have been images. This “suicide cinema” squeezes out the basic, brutal beauty of a dying medium…


Our favourite messers (Kev First Blood Part II and Paul from SAFE) have just returned from a one stop tour of Frankfurt and are ready to confound folks with their shambolic and compelling Phil Collins Project. The best kind of wrong.